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Critical/Key Workers - Important Update

11 January 2021 (by Joanne Swift (j.swift))

This weekend the government have revised the request on schools to allow children of key workers to attend.

The message is now very clear that CHILDREN SHOULD ONLY ATTEND SCHOOL IF THEIR PARENTS OR CARERS CANNOT WORK FROM HOME.  We have been asked to stress to parents and carers of children who are eligible for a school place that they should keep them at home if at all possible.

It is crucial that if there is anyone at home (even if they are home working) who can look after the children, they must stay at home.  Sending children to school is to be a last resort for a critical worker to go to work.

We must stress that you must let us know when your children need to attend and that you only send them on the days they need to be in school. 

You cannot send children unless they are booked in.  Today we have had children arrive who were not expected and this has impacted on our risk assessments of number of children in a classroom and staff supervision.  If you have them booked in but no longer need to send them, again, please notify us using

We are happy to play our part through the lockdown to support critical workers where required but we must have your full support and cooperation in order to do this safely.

Thank you.