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13 July 2020 (by Joanne Swift (j.swift))

Please be reminded that on Wednesday we will be setting up on the playground for you to call by to do a transfer of items.  Between 10.30am and 11.45am children/parents can drop off anything you have of ours, the main items being reading books, recorders and chalumeau.  At the same time, you will be able to collect some of your children’s work and any items they still have in school such as coats, shoes, lunch boxes, items of value from drawers in classrooms etc.  Foundation parents can come if they need to but we only seem to have wellies and they won’t be giving you any work books as they are rolling them over to September.  Due to deep cleaning we cannot guarantee that any uncollected items will be still available in September so please use this opportunity to collect.   

Year 6 can collect their Leavers Hoodies at the same time and it will be Miss Clarke and Miss Keenan handing them out so while staying at a 2m distance, children will have opportunity to say their final farewell.  Please stress to the children that if they see their friends they must keep a safe social distance and that hugging will not be allowed.

Uniform:  If you want to pre-order uniform via we can have that ready to collect from the playground on Wednesday.  You must have already paid for this on the Gateway or you need to bring the correct money with you.

Please understand that this is not a social event.  We do not want people hanging about.  It is not an opportunity to meet people or say goodbye to teachers.  We are sorry to ask that you just come and go as quickly as possible, following any signage and keeping a 2m distance where possible.  We have all carefully followed the rules and procedures in place in school since the official closure and we do not want to spoil things at the very last minute.  Any children who can be supervised at home should be to keep them and other safe.

Finally, a few parents have been in touch to ask if they are allowed to bring in gifts for teachers.  This is a tricky one as we are trying to leave anything you return in boxes until September.  If you do really want to drop something off on Wednesday morning we will pop it on one side and see the teacher gets it.  You won't actually be able to hand it over personally to individual staff members.

Thank you for your understanding.