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Hello Year 5


We hope that you're all feeling well and are excited to join in at home with new, fun and interesting ways to learn.  We need you to work hard at home, just as you do when you're in school work, but we want to provide you with opportunities to learn independently when you can.  This page will provide you with inspiration for learning.  It's important to us that if you can, please send us any completed work. We're happy to give you feed back and to help with anything you don't quite understand.  You know how to contact us by email at   



Please practise your spellings.  There are lots of words to practise this year that you'll all be needing in year 6! You can download this list below to help you. Why don't you try practising your spellings in one of these new and interesting ways?

  • Make a spelling word origami fortune teller
  • Make the words out of scrabble letters
  • Create your own crossword puzzle or word search
  • Use paint or chalk
  • Text the words to your friends and try to use them in sentences
  • Write a spelling word song
  • Play hangman
  • Put them in alphabetical order
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Reading: Watch the video and complete the activities about newspaper articles using the following link.


Tricky: Make notes on the features of a newspaper article.

Trickier: Make notes on the features of a newspaper article and their purpose.

Trickiest: Make notes on the features of a newspaper article, their purpose and how they improve the article for the reader.



Reading: Read the newspaper article by downloading the text below. Complete the activity on word definitions on the first slide of the power point. The second slide has the answers so that you can check your work.

Spelling: Carry out the look, cover, write check activity with the spellings that you can download below. You can choose from the year 5 spellings (which you will find under week 1) or you can choose to practise the year 3 and 4 spellings if you think that you need to.



Reading: Using the newspaper article, answer the retrieval questions and check your work using the answers on slide 4.

Spelling: Use the dictionary or the internet to find out the meaning of the words that you practised spelling yesterday.



Reading: Using the newspaper article, answer the inference questions and check your work using the answers on the sixth slide. Always include as much detail as you can when answering inference questions and use evidence from the text.



Reading: Using the newspaper article, answer the writer’s choice questions. You can check your work using the answers on the eighth slide.

Spelling: Use the words that you have been investigating this week and practise writing them in your own sentences.



We would like to invite you all to take part in our special "7 DAYS OF DRAWING" challenge. Of course, it doesn't have to be drawing- you could use paints, sculpture or pencils to take part. The idea is that you create a piece of artwork every day for 7 days and each will be of something new. Feel free to interpret each day however you wish and to be creative and inventive. You can start this challenge whenever you want but please keep your work because we can't wait to see it when we return.  We really hope you have fun being creative!

Day 1 : Your favourite chair

Day 2 : A stack of books

Day 3: Your comfiest shoes

Day 4: The most delicious food

Day 5: Your favourite film

Day 6: A selfie

Day 7: The most interesting thing in your house

Reading and spelling resources

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Literacy and grammar activities Week 1

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Maths activities Week 1

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Maths activities  Week 2

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Earth and Space activities

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PSHE activities


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