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Welcome to our new webpage



Hello again to everyone in Year 4.

A quick thank you to everyone who listened in to the performance on Friday. If you missed it, don't worry. You can still listen to the performance on the Barnsley Music Education Hubs website. 

You can also record yourself singing / playing along and then your parent or carer can email the video to or send it as a message to their Facebook page (  

The music hub will then create a montage of all the clips of those who took part.  

We all hope you are feeling well and keeping safe. As you probably already know our home learning looks a little different as teachers are spending much more time working in school with the children who are already back. Due to this, there are now no weekly timetable of tasks for you to complete.

This doesn’t mean that we have forgotten you though and we want to make sure you have got lots of things to be getting on with until you can come back to school.

First of all we want you to continue to use the White Rose Maths website every day to keep on top of your maths skills. There is a link below to the site and the worksheets for Year 4 can be found in the maths section like before. If you are finding this too easy or difficult, you can always review some of the year 5 or 3 learning that is also available on the White Rose website.

For literacy and topic, we would like to direct your attention to both the Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize websites. These are excellent resources that have a variety of literacy, numeracy and topic lessons for you to try.

Please feel free to use as much or as little of these lessons as you wish.

Don't forget that you can also look back at some of the previous learning that has been posted on this page and complete anything that you might have missed.  

If you have managed to complete all of this, why not create your own mini topic about something that interests you. It can be anything you like! Perhaps the recent Space X launch, the BLM movement or a particular country or period in time that you find interesting. The choice is totally up to you! You could write, draw or make something that shows the research or facts that you have discovered. We can't wait to see what you find out.  

Both myself and Mr Wogan will have access to the email address and will check it on a daily basis. Please show us your work- we would love to see what they have been up to. Also, if you as parents have any questions then please ask us.

As well as this, here are some very useful links:

Here is a fantastic reading resource. Each book appears on the screen for you to read but also has an audio option too. If you click on the information button at the side of the book, it gives the suitable age range. Each book also comes with a dictionary for any unusual words that children may be struggling to understand. They can type the word into the dictionary tool box and it gives a child friendly definition. 

Please do not hesitate to ask either Year 4 teachers a question. We are also in touch with all of our support staff so if there is a particular piece of work that your child wants a member of our support team see then please let us know and we shall make sure they see it. 

Kind regards 

Mr. Tune and Mr. Wogan