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Year 4 

Hello Year 4!

 There is only a few days left now until we will be coming back to school. On Thursday and Friday there will be no live lessons but we have prepared the activity below for you to complete. We can't wait to see you all on Monday!

Don't forget if you do have any questions, get in contact on our email 



Miss Addison and Mrs Bowden 

Materials to support literacy - Week commencing 1st March 


 Monday 1st March Literacy slides.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 2nd March Literacy slides.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 3rd March Literacy slides.pdfDownload
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Materials to support Math - Week commencing 1st March 

 3d Shapes Wednesday.pdfDownload
 Monday 1st March Lines-of-symmetry-2020.pdfDownload
 Monday 1st PowerPoint - Lines of Symmetry.pptDownload
 squared print paper .pdfDownload
 Tuesday 2nd March Complete-a-symmetric-figure-2020.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 2nd PowerPoint - Complete a Symmetric Figure.pptDownload
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Handwriting with Miss Addison

 Handwriting Video Links.pdfDownload
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Ideas to keep fit at home 

 PE week commencing 22nd Feb.pptxDownload
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 PE at Home.pdfDownload
 PE lessons.pdfDownload
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Pre-recorded afternoon lessons

Wednesday - RIC

Mrs Bowden reads 'The Firework Makers Daughter' 

Click on the chapter links to listen to the story 

 Firework makers daughter - in chapter links.pdfDownload
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Miss Roebuck reads Horrible Histories - Vicious Viking 

Monday - Science

 Science MRSNERG.docxDownload
 Science- MRS NERG (1).pptxDownload
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Thursday - PHSE

Tuesday - Topic

The following links will support your learning for this weeks topic lesson about Viking Exploration:


 Viking Exploration (Pupil).ppsDownload
 Viking Explorers Worksheet.docxDownload
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Friday - Art

Miss Addison reads The Wreck of the Zanzibar