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Hello Year 4!

We hope that you have managed so far with the on-line learning and enjoying our live lessons.  We are all new to this, including us, Mrs Bowden and Miss Addison.  If there are any questions that you need answering, don't forget you can use our Year group e-mail

Again we are aware that some of you are still experiencing some technical difficulties, in relation to the live lessons, but don't worry because all material for the live lessons, will also be put on this part of the web page so you can access them separately to the live lessons.  

Everyday you will be able to find all the materials for your live and independent lessons on this page and remember to email your finished work to us at


Don't forget too;  we have our live lessons that will start again tomorrow (Monday 11th) at 9:30.  And remember in order to access these you will need to use Microsoft teams. Each child has been allocated an email in the format below to log in. 

Password: ko0000




Miss Addison and Mrs Bowden




Literacy slides for the 14th and 15th if you would like to recap after the live session.



 Literacy 13th & 14th slides.pdfDownload
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 Friday Literacy 15th slides.pdfDownload
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Choose one of the texts below to look at for your task after our live lesson today. (12/01/21)

 how to survive in space.pdfDownload
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Maths Worksheets to accompany live lessons 

 Adding Length Wednesday 13th.pdfDownload
 Kilometres Tuesday 12th.pdfDownload
 Measuring Perimeter Friday 15th.pdfDownload
 Perimeter of a rectangle Tuesday 19th Jan.pdfDownload
 Perimeter of a rectilinear shape Wednesday 20th Jan.pdfDownload
 Perimeter on a grid Monday 18th.pdfDownload
 Subtract length Thursday 14th.pdfDownload
 Video links for recapping learning.docxDownload
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VCOP Extension tasks for after live literacy lessons

 Frid Week 1 VCOP.mp4Download
 Mon Week 1 VCOP.mp4Download
 Thurs Week 1 VCOP.mp4Download
 Tuesday Week 1 VCOP.mp4Download
 Weds Week 1 VCOP (2).mp4Download
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Pre-recorded afternoon lessons

PHSE Friday 15th Jan

 Resilience fortune teller.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 13th Jan Ric Lesson 1

 Beach huts image.pdfDownload
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Treasure Island - in chapters

 Treasure Island links for videos in chapter.pdfDownload
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 Tuesday 12th Jan Topic lesson 1 - Oceans of the world 

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Thursday 14th PE

Mrs Dixon's activity ideas

 7 Activities for you while in Lockdown (1).docxDownload
 Harry Potter Activities.docxDownload
 Simple crafts for you to try (1).docxDownload
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Monday 11th Jan Science lesson 1

Friday 15th Jan Art Lesson 1

Handwriting with Miss Addison

 Handwriting Video Links.pdfDownload
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