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One week to go until the summer holidays - can you believe it? Here is your last lot of activities!

We would like you to continue using the White Rose Maths website every day to keep on top of your maths work. This week the Maths activities are the same for both groups. Just in case you find the Year 3 work a little tricky we have also uploaded the Year 2 work as well. You can also look at the BBC Bite Size web pages and The Oak Academy for lots of topic and Literacy ideas.

Whilst we have been at school working with the Keyworker groups of children we have based our writing and creative activities around the theme of 'Seaside and Holidays'.

Here are some activities you could try at home:

  • Watch'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' on Youtube. You could try writing a new adventure for Mr.Grinling or invent a way of keeping the fisherman's lunch safe from those pesky seagulls!
  • Research lighthouses around the UK - can you find out the tallest, the oldest, any still working?
  • Create a beautiful sketch of a coastline, including a lighthouse. There are some gorgeous images online to look at.
  • Write instructions on 'How to make an ice cream sundae' and then try and follow your recipe and make the real thing. Enjoy eating it afterwards. 
  • Make a collage of your ice cream sundae from different coloured paper and any other bits and bobs you might have at home.
  • Research different seaside resorts in England. You could plot them on a map and then work out how far away they are from your house using Google Maps. Google Earth is also a fabulous tool for looking at all sorts of different places.
  • Create a factfile on your favourite seaside resort - will it be Scarborough? Skegness? Filey? Or somewhere different?
  • Design a poster to persuade people to visit your seaside resort. 
  • Compare Wombwell to your chosen seaside resort - what is the same and what is different?  This is a fabulous game you could continue to use over the summer holidays so you keep up with your times tables. Remember - you can also log onto TT Rockstars too.

 We have also put together some really fun activites for you to try this week and into the summer holidays. We would love to see some photos of you trying some of them out.. 

We are so sad that we don't get to say a proper good bye to you all and enjoy all the chaos and fun of the last weeks of term. We have really missed being at school with you all and seeing you grow and mature - I bet we won't recognise some of you in September. Remember that you can come and collect your books from the area outside your classroom on Wednesday 10.30am - 11.45am.

  We aren't expecting you to do work over the holidays but it would be really wonderful if you could keep reading as much as possible and practise your times tables every now and again.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all safe and well in September! Have a fantastic summer holiday everyone!

We will continue to keep our eye on the email and your posts on the Kings Oak Facebook page so keep letting us know what you have been up to, or even just email us a little note to say hello.

Stay safe everyone!


Mrs Oldknow, Mrs Beck and Mrs Bowden xxx



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 Maths Activities for BOTH groups 13.07.20
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 Maths Activities for BOTH groups 29.06.20
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Hello Year 3!

We hope you and your families are all safe and well and that you are enjoying spending time together. We miss you all lots but can’t wait to hear about all the exciting things you have been up to at home. You could show us what you have been up to by sending us photos to our school Facebook page (with your grown-ups permission of course!) or you could email them to school.

We will be adding some new bits and pieces to this web page over the next few days and weeks that you might like to have a go at. You don’t have to do them all but hopefully you will find one or two activities that will interest you. Keep checking back for new additions!

We are not expecting you to do school work all day or even every day. We would love you to be playing in your garden, bouncing on the trampoline, playing a board game, doing some baking, helping your grown up around the house, making a den, building with Lego, trying some yoga etc. etc. There are so many wonderful things you could try – the list is endless!

Here is a list of activities and skills that we would love you to practise as much as possible (you might’ve heard us mention these once or twice at school!)

*Reading – please read as much as you can. Read to your grown up, to your brother or sister, to your pet or just to yourself. You can read absolutely anything at all – a story, a magazine, a website, a football programme, a fact book etc. There are lots of free online books that companies are making available while schools are closed too.

*Spellings – practise reading and spelling the 100 Common Exception Words for Year 3 and 4 (or the Common Exception Words for Year 1 and 2). They are in the middle of your ‘Reading Record’ but you will also find them online. Can you use them in a sentence? Do you know the meaning of the word? How many vowels and consonants are there in each word? Can you add any prefixes or suffixes? Can you think of any words which mean the same as the word?

*Times tables – everyone will have their TT Rockstars username and password. Just a few minutes every day on this will make a big difference. We recommend you stay in the ‘Garage’ unless you are confident with most times tables. The ones we need to learn by the end of Year 3 are : 2x , 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x. If you know the others already too that is super fantastic! Hit the Button is also an awesome game for practising your times tables.

*You can use your TT Rockstars username and password to access Numbots on the internet. The aim is to practise addition and subtraction facts. It starts off very easy but will gradually become harder as you work through the levels. Give it a go and let us know how you get on!

 *Have you tried the Joe Wicks workouts that are on every day at 9am on YouTube? What a great way to start your day – it will leave you feeling really energised and ready to get cracking!

*If you fancy something a little more relaxed why not have a look at ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga’ which is also on YouTube. You can choose from lots of different yoga ‘adventures.’ Mrs. Beck’s favourite so far is the Pokémon one!

Keep checking back on this page for new activities to try. Lots more coming soon!

Stay safe everyone.


Mrs. Beck, Mrs.Oldknow and Mrs.Bowden xxx


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 Easter Work
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