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At Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre we strongly believe that education has the potential to transform lives. We create learning experiences that inspire, motivate and engage all pupils to be the very best that they can be in order to prepare them for life in the 21st century.

Our pupils enjoy a “full-spectrum” of academic, physical, spiritual, moral, social and cultural experiences that enrich their lives and give them the confidence and skills for a happy and fulfilled life.

We believe that all children should experience the feeling of accomplishment in a wide range of areas. Our curriculum, therefore, provides a good balance between academic and personal development. Physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing are both valued, understood and prioritised through careful consideration of curriculum design. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development all underpin the curriculum.

Creativity lies at its heart, enabling children to express themselves and create original ideas and think independently. We believe that all children learn differently and we address a range of learning styles and abilities so that children are stimulated and challenged in order to achieve their full potential.

We cover The National Curriculum mainly through a topic-based approach. We pride ourselves on creating topics that are relevant to the children and to what is happening in the world. We rarely repeat topics on a cycle as we want learning to be fresh and exciting for everyone involved, teachers and TAs included. Topics are tailored to the children’s interests and we provide the children with as many first-hand experiences as possible. Children are also involved in the process of how they will learn. We have found that when children have ownership over their learning they engage at a much higher level.

Covid-19 Curriculum update

Despite Covid-19, Our curriculum intent remains the same. We are still committed to children accessing a full and rich curriculum with creativity at its heart.

Our focus is also on a catch-up curriculum to ensure that all children catch up on the learning they have missed throughout lockdown. Our priority from September has been on the social, emotional health and wellbeing of pupils and after assessments planned for October 2020, we will be able to identify and swiftly implement the interventions necessary to inform our catch up curriculum.

In order to help children to become successful learners and prepare them for life beyond Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre we teach the children a set of skills that are in addition to the National Curriculum. These are the Seven Rs:



We believe that the process of education should be a partnership between all members of the school community. We aim to foster close links between home, school and the wider community. We encourage parents to work in partnership with the school providing the best education possible for your child.

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum please do not hesitate to contact a member of our school reception.  We have also published our curriculum plans for each year and welcome you to take a look at the wonderful things the children are discovering and learning over the next year.

English & Reading 

We concentrate on the basic skills of literacy. This includes reading, writing, speaking and listening.  All children undertake guided reading and shared reading with their teacher weekly. Home reading books are sent home daily and changed in school when appropriate. Parents are requested to write in their child’s reading record when they have read at home. We also encourage parents to take an active role in hearing their child read regularly both at home and within our centre. We try to encourage creativity in written work alongside support to use correct spellings and clear legible handwriting. Oral skills are developed by individual/group/class discussions. Drama, role play and poetry also give further opportunity to develop listening skills as well as the spoken word.  We embed the teaching of phonics throughout the school and follow the 'Letters & Sounds' scheme which is a program based on synthetic phonics principles.   Occasionally our Early Years practitioners will use 'Jolly Phonics' to support the learning of our Foundation pupils.  Reading is taught using the phonics principles and a schemed range of books by the Oxford Reading Tree, Project X, Sprinters and Big Cat which are colour coded to reading ages.   


Children are taught the basic skills of numeracy through a mastery approach i.e. number, shape and space, data handling and problem-solving etc. This enables them to work at a level that suits their ability whilst still giving them a challenge. The children are encouraged to be as independent as possible and select the appropriate mathematical equipment for a specific task themselves.


If you would like to find our more about our curriculum please contact our Curriculum lead, Miss J Meiner, on 01226 272740 who will be more than happy to help.