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Welcome to the Year 5 & Year 6 information page.


Here you will find the latest information and homework for children in Year 5 and Year 6.  

We currently have our SATs club running every Tuesday and Thursday for our Year 6 children.  In the club we are guiding children through the SATs process and looking at past SATs papers.  All Year 6 children are welcome!  


Here is a link to our SATs web page which includes links to past papers and useful information: Y6 SATs Information page


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Miss Mulligan,  Miss Clarke, Miss Keenan, Mr Hannan & Mr Wogan




Monday, 04th March 2019

This term we continue our topic and projects all about 'Crime and Punishment'.  We will be looking at different crimes and punishments from the past to the present, how you think punishments match the crime and will visit an authentic Victorian courtroom and prison at the National Justice Museum..

In science we continue discovering all about 'Electricity', its dangers, the different ways in which electric is used and it's effects on the environment.

To support our learning we have created some easy to do homework for you.   We have included a link which shows you some interesting facts about crimes, punishments and electricity.  See if you can research some more facts:

Crime and Punishment through the ages


Remember - we are always here to help you.

Miss Mulligan,  Miss Clarke, Miss Keenan, Mr Hannan & Mr Wogan


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Spring Term 2018 

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