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Egg Decorating

3 April 2019 (by Hannah Henry (H.Henry))

Competition time!

For Easter, once again, all the children in Years 1 - 6 will compete in egg decorating competitions with an Easter egg for the best design in each class.  The decorating will take place between Wednesday and Friday next week so please could your child bring a  hard-boiled egg by Wednesday 10th April, preferably in a sturdy container.  

Although some art materials will be available in the classroom if your child requires something specific for their egg design, they are welcome to bring additional materials.  It may be a good idea to plan egg designs at home, but eggs must not arrive at school in a pre-prepared state.  All decorating and staging should be done in school not at home, to keep the competition fair. 

The Foundation Stage children will all decorate headbands for their competition.  You do not need to send any materials into school.


Thank you