Bondfield Close, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S73 8TX

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We have a hardworking and dedicated team of staff who have a common goal in making every child’s time in school enjoyable and memorable.  All of our staff are passionate about children.

Teachers and TA’s work together to ensure every child’s needs are met. They have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each child, enabling each child to feel secure and safe in school.

We are friendly and approachable and encourage all our parents to take an active part in their child’s learning and within the school community.

Senior Leadership Team
Head teacher Mrs A Wilks
Assistant Head teacher Miss J Meiner
Assistant Head teacher Mrs K Sanders
Associate Assistant Head teacher Mrs A Rawlinson
Associate Assistant Head teacher Mrs L Butterworth
School Business Manager Mrs C Beal
Whole School Support Staff
Parent Liaison Officer Miss J Beever
Learning & Behaviour Assistant Mrs A Dixon
Hygiene Support Assistant/Teaching Assistant Mrs M Farrar
SENCO Team Mrs K Sanders & Mrs A Rawlinson
Administration Team
Business Support Officer Mrs J Swift
Finance Officer Mrs H Wright
Receptionist/Clerical Officer Mrs S Gibbard
Receptionist/Clerical Assistant Miss H Henry
Foundation Teaching Staff
Foundation Leader Mrs S Smith
Foundation 1 Miss M Morgan
Foundation 2 Mr T Smith, Mrs S Smith & Mrs A Mulchay
Foundation Support Staff Mrs G Davies, Mrs J Hoole, Miss C Law, Miss B Pears, Miss C Roberts, Miss C Pearce.
KS1 Teaching Staff
Year 1 Mr D Lovatt, Mrs Butterworth
Year 2 Miss L Siddall, Mrs Bowden
KS2 Teaching Staff
Year 3 Mr J Tune, Mrs C Beck & Mrs N Oldknow, Miss A Long

Year 4

Miss G Keenan, Mr S Wogan

Year 5/6

Mr R Horan, Miss K Addison, Miss B Clarke, Miss K Mulligan

Practice/Student Teaching Staff Miss H Crouch, Miss D Bray, Miss J Bowden
Teaching Support Staff
Learning Mentor Mrs S Blackburn
Higher Level Teaching Assistants Mrs S Hallam , Mrs V Green, Mrs A Richards, Mrs J Sefton 
Teaching Assistants



Mrs C Bowman, Miss H Cox, Miss L Gleaden, Mrs G Gibbons, Miss J Barker, Miss L Simpson,  Mrs J Sefton, Mrs M Worth, Mrs J Yarham, Mrs M Farrar, Mrs P Wicks, Mr A Murray, Mrs C Peachey, Mrs T Forster, Miss S Rodgers, Mr J Steers, Mrs E Price, Mrs A Woodruff

Apprentice Teaching Assistants Miss C Pearce, Miss D Hartley, Miss E Patrice-Booth.
School Meals Supervisory Staff
Senior School Meals Supervisory Assistant Mrs D Bradley
School Meals Supervisory Assistants Mrs V Bell, Mrs M Duffy, Mrs L Gleaden, Mrs A Megson, Mrs L Wilson, Mrs D Mooney, Mrs M Moore.